Why Should You have an Armor Cage Installed on Your Tractor?

Armor Cage manufactures the highest quality tractor cages for John Deere tractors available anywhere in the United States. Our tractor cages are simple to install and are designed to last a lifetime. The Armor Cage 10-Point Advantage explains what sets our armor cages apart from the competition.

Available on These 5000 Model Tractors

**Years and models vary, please contact us for fitment details.

1. 2 Man Installation in 4 Hours
Designed to be installed by 2 men in just 4 hours and priced similar to the competition, providing exceptional value without the long wait.
2. Thick 3/8-Inch Angled Tubular Bumper
Our thick angled, tubular bumper stops the trees before they ever make it to the tractor, reducing the opportunity for damage to your equipment.
3. Bolted Connections for Easy Access
Our bolted connections allow for easy removal in the event that you should ever need to make repairs or perform maintenance on your tractor.
4. Conveniently Hinged Side Screens*
Hinged side screens allow for the quick and easy cleaning of your engine compartment. Keeping your tractor in top shape is our greatest concern.
5. Reinforced 5/8-Inch Clevis Mount
This heavy-duty Clevis mount allows for pulling from the front of your tractor. We’ve spent some time in the woods, ourselves, as you can tell.

Available on These 6000 Model Tractors
6105M / 6115M / 6120M / 6125M
6130M / 6135M / 6140M / 6145M
6105R / 6110R / 6115R / 6120R
6125R / 6130R / 6135R / 6140R
6145R / 6150R / 6155R

**Years and models vary, please contact us for fitment details.

6. Large Roof for Maximum Protection
The large roof on our Armor Cage provides ample front, side, and rear protection for your cab. We didn’t cut any corners here in protecting the operational envelope.
7. Removeable Side & Rear Screens
Being able to remove the side and rear screens is important when it comes to servicing your tractor, so we made that a standard feature of the Armor Cage.
8. Extended Rear Screen
An extended rear screen provides better implement viewing and full functionality of the rear window–unlike other competing products that obstruct your view.
9. Heavy-Duty 1/2-Inch Standard Skid Plate
Our heavy-duty 1/2-inch skid plate is 25-50% heavier than the competition’s. Protecting the underside of your tractor is equally important to Armor Cage.
10. Multiple Limb Risers
Multiple limb risers help keep you safe in even the most heavily forested areas. Big limbs can mean big damage with other products, but not with Armor Cage.

*New Side Screens 2022 with easier engine oil access panel.